Collaborating with TK Way Academy, I led the development of a premier Makeup Artist (MUA) Course. From concept to execution, I crafted a cohesive learning experience, leveraging Podia's platform for content delivery.
Addressing TK Way Academy's goal for a top-tier course, I designed the website, created engaging content, and developed promotional materials. This included graphics, class workbook, logo, and customizable templates.
The outcome was a highly acclaimed course, elevating TK Way Academy's reputation in makeup education. This project showcased my ability to blend creativity with strategic planning, resulting in tangible success and client satisfaction.
In conclusion, the TK Way Academy MUA Course exemplifies the power of creativity and effective project management in delivering transformative learning experiences.
Social media graphics & content 
Created using Photoshop & Illustrator. Designed to promote the academy, announce launch date and class availability and what's included. Infographics & Calendar updates. 
Instagram Highlight Covers
Highlight covers for the use of Instagram to create a cohesive experience for academy students.
Course Covers 
Covers created in Photoshop for the course's landing and sales pages.
Workbook Design: Cover & Interior Pages
Full workbook design created in inDesign. All layouts, content, and wording developed by Plastered Media. Front and back cover and interior pages.
Course Website & Landing Page
Course webpage and landing page design in Podia with graphics created in Photoshop. Course content and layout developed by Plastered Media. Course layout developed with academy students in mind.
Collateral Designs & Badge Templates
Client's Feedback
Tokia, provides her honest feedback on her experience working with Plastered Media and their lead designer, Jay Elaine.
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